marmi montebaldo

The company Marmi Montebaldo SRL settled in Volargne (Verona) has been working and offering for its products on the domestic and international market for years..

We reached in time good experience in procurement of raw materials (especially for marble and granite -limestone national) directly into the groove. In fact, the test block is made with care on our part, in order to offer our customers the continuity of the quality and structure of the material.

The processing of the raw material is carried out largely within our company and a part with the help of good contractors / partners.

Thanks to the new system of block cutting marble and resin + dithering marble slabs and granite, we can offer a very high quality and innovative product.

We are able to offer to the customer any type of product: from the block / slab to the finished product (for both outdoor and indoor) and we are attentive to the needs of the customer and the continuous evolution of the market demand. Explain your needs and  requests and we will make sure to meet them through our production or with the help of partners in a short time.

"Each product is processed as if it were for our own home"

The processing of requests and orders are carried out in a lean and fast way, in order to avoid unnecessary loss  of time to the customer.
Moreover, moving  to the new headquarters, much more accessible to road links, we have renewed our machinery and expanded our warehouse